“FABLABs – new technologies in adult education” project is a Strategic Partnership that involves 6 organisations from Finland, France, Iceland, Poland and Portugal acting as fablabs and makerspaces.

The objective of the project is to share good practices on teaching methodologies used in fablab work and targeted at adult learners.

The project is coordinated by Workshops of Culture in Lublin.

The duration of the project is 24 months: 01-11-2019 - 31-10-2021

The project aims at:

  • exchanging experiences and good practices between the participating organisations
  • exchanging education methods and practices
  • professional development of people working in fablabs as educators and managers
  • comparative research on teaching new technologies in non-formal education in various European countries
  • strengthening cooperation and networking between fablabs in Europe.

The final result of the project will be the project guidelines on educational activities and methods used in fablab work.

The main project activities will be 6 transnational project meetings, gathering fablab managers and educators, local workshops for adult learners in each country and a collaborative work of partners on the final result (the guidelines).

With this project we aim at spreading knowledge about fablab idea and approach and having an impact on other fablabs and educational institutions in our respective countries. We would like fablabs to be recognized as a new type of modern learning environments that support adult learners in gaining basic skills and key competences, using science and technology.

The impact of the project will also refer to recognition of fablab movement as a network of powerful learning communities, that are able to collaborate on local, national and global levels.

This project has been funded with support from the European Commission.


  • Artefacts | France

    Artefacts | France

    Artefacts is a business and employment cultural cooperative. It welcomes and supports entrepreneurs whose projects fall under the sector of creative
    industries - artists, artisans, professionals in digital data.

    In 2014 Artefacts established a space of cultural expression called Les Arteliers. One part of Les Arteliers operates as a fablab. It is equipped in a 3D printer, a CNC, a hardware for working electronics, woodworking machines, a lab for analog photography, a sound system and a video projector.

    Website: www.artefacts.coop


  • Buinho Associação | Portugal

    Buinho Associação | Portugal

    Buinho provides access to equipment like 3D printers, laser cutter, or CNC mill, and the specialized staff support. We also offer private accommodation, working studios, a Precious Plastic workspace, and machine shop, all within a residency program open for creatives from different disciplines.

    Buinho educational strand is dedicated to the promotion of digital literacy on children and senior population of rural areas. Our teaching interests are mainly in the areas of digital fabrication, coding and robotics, while focusing on the transversal themes of climate change and community resilience.

    Website: www.buinho.pt

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  • Aalto Fablab | Finland

    Aalto Fablab | Finland

    A unit of Aalto Studios that is the media centre of the future in Aalto University. A unique place where students, artists, designers, entrepreneurs and hobbyists are meeting, changing ideas and creating the future in between working with their prototypes, innovations and art works.

    Its unique state-of the-art digital media facilities weave together the players of the creative economy: designers, filmmakers, game developers, architects, youtubers, artists, engineers, programmers, educators & researchers, angel investors, public-sector operators in Finland, Scandinavia, Europe and beyond.

    Websites: www.fablab.aalto.fi and www.studios.aalto.fi/fablab

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  • Workshops of Culture | Poland

    Workshops of Culture | Poland

    We are a municipal cultural institution of Lublin, Poland. Our programming focuses on promoting the practice of “active culture”. One of our activity is Medialab Workshop - a physical place with high-tech equipment but also a series of workshops open for public interested in learning new technologies.

    Workshops tackle topics like: 3D printing, CNC milling, Arduino, soldering, field recording, sound design, video editing and also a media volunteering program. In this way we try to apply fablab approach in our work, not formally being registered as a fablab.

    Website: www.warsztatykultury.pl

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  • Fab Lab Reykjavík | Iceland

    Fab Lab Reykjavík | Iceland

    The creative hub for Reykjavík. Here innovators, makers, artists and students share a space to create a better future. Fab Lab Reykjavík is the largest Fab Lab in Iceland,steaming with life the and receives 8500 visits a year.

    Fab Lab Reykjavík has launched a number of educational projects in the field of innovation and is a powerful partner in a variety of innovation projects. It is a fully equipped digital fabrication fablab, but most importantly full of creative people. Fab Lab Reykjavík is a collaborative project of the City of Reykjavik, the Fjölbrautaskólinn í Breiðholti and the Icelandic Innovation Center. The goal of the partnership is to support the creativity of citizens, develop innovative ideas and enhance technical literacy.

    Websites: www.flr.is and www.fablab.is

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  • Robisz.to Association | Poland

    Robisz.to Association | Poland

    Robisz.to is created by a group of individuals, whose mission is to increase access to new technologies and show how to use them skillfully. Our main project - Fablab Powered by Orange - has become an established high-tech workshop since we opened it in Warsaw in May 2017. It serves as a place to exchange knowledge, competences and for collaboration between representatives of different backgrounds, age groups and professions.

    Each year we work with more than 2000 adults and children from the Warsaw area to offer them a chance to gain educational qualifications in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) through workshops and programs.

    Website: www.robisz.to

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    2019-12 - Lublin, Poland
    2020 - Messejana, Portugal

    To be announced soon

    2020 - Reykjavík, Iceland

    To be announced soon

    2021 - Espoo, Finland

    To be announced soon

    2021 - Orléans, France

    To be announced soon

    2021 - Warsaw, Poland

    To be announced soon


In case of any questions about the project, please contact the project coordinator:

Ewa Orzeszko

Warsztaty Kultury w Lublinie
ul. Grodzka 7
20-112 Lublin, Poland

e-mail: e.orzeszko@warsztatykultury.pl

tel. +48 81 533 08 18

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