About the project

"FABLABs - new technologies in adult education" is Erasmus+ Strategic partnership project that aims at sharing good practices on teaching methodologies used in fablab work and targeted at adult learners.

About Us

Warsztaty Kultury w Lublinie (project coordinator) Poland, Lublin Workshops of Culture is a municipal cultural institution of Lublin, Poland. Our programming focuses on promoting the practice of “active culture”. We create culture: modern,

Coopérative Artefacts

France, Orléans/Tours Coopérative Artefacts is a social economy structure, which welcomes and supports entrepreneurs whose projects fall under the sector of creative industries. Founded in 2010, based in Orléans and Tours, with

Robisz.to Association

Poland, Warsaw Who is the “maker”? Is he a person who designs useful things? Is it necessary to have a talent to be one? In our opinion, “making” is hidden inside everyone. It

Fab Lab Reykjavík

Iceland, Reykjavík Fab Lab Reykjavík is the creative hub for the city of Reykjavík. Here innovators, makers, artists and students share a space to create a better future. Fab Lab Reykjavík is the


Portugal, Messejana Buinho Fablab is a place where artists, makers, researchers, and other creatives can work on their projects in the unique rural environment. It is the perfect place for studying theory and